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How to get into the counselling psychology field?

Counselling psychologists perform a vital role that enables them to take care of the mental and emotional health of others. For individuals who take pleasure in both assisting others and conducting research, a career as a counselling psychologist can be a great fit. Learning about what these professionals do and what it takes to become one is the best approach to deciding if this is the right career for you. To help you with that, we have jotted down the steps by which you can become a counselling psychologist.

How to become a counselling psychology

●       Complete a diploma

Obtaining a diploma in psychology or a closely related discipline is the first step in learning how to become a counselling psychologist. It takes three years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree. However, you can learn the same thing in less time by opting for a diploma. You can better prepare for more advanced psychology coursework by obtaining a Diploma in psychology.

●       Acquire field expertise

After obtaining a diploma, think about your choices for acquiring relevant experience. Since psychology is a broad field with many subspecialties, taking the time to consider your career options can help you choose the type of psychology career that’s best for you. Your experience will be valuable in the third step. Also, gaining field experience will give you practical knowledge and not to mention some money to complete the third step.

●       Higher degree program

Many psychologists need a PhD degree in order to practice. Some counsellors just need a master’s degree to provide therapeutic services, depending on their area of speciality. So, it’s up to you, but it is recommended to get a higher degree program after gaining field experience. That way, you can call yourself a specialised psychologist and also set up your own office.

The Bottom Line

People with empathy and the desire to make the lives of others better could discover that a career in counselling psychology is a perfect fit. Counselling psychologists get to work with people to improve their ability to handle stress, have better relationships, be more resilient, and accomplish their own goals. If you are the one searching for a psychology diploma Singapore, then you can visit the website of the Arium school of arts and science. It is one of the best schools in Singapore to obtain a diploma in psychology.

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