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Facts to learn about top architects in Singapore

Chord house: This family home in Singapore is characterised by top architects in Singapore with a curving exterior patio. Due to the densely populated nature of suburban areas, the courtyard was designed as a way to bring light and ventilation into the home without compromising privacy. It also allows for the creation of inward-facing views. The fenestration in the average Singaporean home faces the street and the nearby neighbours. In order to accentuate the impression that the courtyard is being carved out from the home, much like a negative vase-like space housing a piece of landscape or plants, we used a curved building form, which is named due to the notion of how two points on a curve are related.

The building mass was covered in light natural granite stone, with black aluminium frames acting as contrasting features. One tree, colloquially known as a “leopard tree,” was acquired from Malaysia specifically for the courtyard. At its base was a round terrazzo bench that was specially constructed. Depending on the time of day, the sun’s shadows on the deep inside of the building’s tree branches create different patterns on the wall of the staircase atrium.

Carve House: This contemporary family home in central Singapore’s premium Bukit Timah neighbourhood was designed with an open basement as its key feature. The site’s limited size made the basement necessary because it couldn’t fulfil the family’s needs for the requisite floor area. The basement was designed as a double volume space with maximum light penetration from the first storey through large over-sized glass panels and a lap pool with a large viewing panel from within the house to counter the customarily dark and damp spaces frequently associated with building underground making it perfect example as top architects in Singapore.

Cleave House: This contemporary family home is situated on a sizable lot in the heart of Singapore, and its architecture clearly responds to the surroundings making it top architects in Singapore. A linear structure with two building wings divided by a central “garden insertion” was suggested according to the plot’s qualities in order to bring light and vistas of greenery into the living areas on the first and second storeys. The living areas allow for a great view of the central courtyard garden from the outside. As you enter the home, you will find a large open living, dining, and kitchen area that leads to a framed picture window with a view of two landscaping trees. This is everything about top architects in Singapore that you cannot miss.

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