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FAQS About The Productivity Solutions Grant

It should not sound surprising to learn that Singapore is a mile in front when bidding to expedite digital transformation to enter a future that relies on cutting-edge technologies. Actually, Singapore offers many financial assistive grants to local companies which adopt technological solutions. One of the many government-aided assistive measures in Singapore is the Productivity Solutions Grant.

The PSG Digital Marketing grantis a grant that sponsors organizations that are willing to deploy equipment and IT solutions to elevate their existing businesses processes to be faster, better and more relevant. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you simply have to visit the Go Business website and start the application process. With that said, below are some FAQS about the Productivity Solutions Grant.

What will PSG Cover if I am an Eligible Applicant

The PSG grant digital marketing is a fund that either covers the equipment or IT solutions that you’re willing to employ in your business. Sector-specific solutions can be claimed under certain regulations including software and hardware that are applicable for industrial genres such as logistics, tourism, media, healthcare, precision engineering and landscaping industries.

In addition, the PSG grant covers solutions that are developed to optimize businesses functional growth such as inventory tracking, customer management and financial management. Plus, the grant also funds data analytics and operations management.

How Many PSG Grants can I apply for?

Of course, you can have the propensity to submit more than one application for the PSG digital marketing government funding, yet it depends on your business needs. However, the financial support can only be provided to a single package per solution category to one deployment location.

For instance, if you apply for the same IT solution for the same deployment location for a second time your application will definitely be invalidated and not processed. When filling applications to employ remote workspaces, you as well apply for a single solution per category, either virtual meeting tools or online collaboration tools.

How Will I Receive the PSG Grant Disbursement?

The PSG grantdisbursement is usually credited to the approved company’s bank account by the General Bank Recurring Order. You will obviously have to fill in a GIRO form and then verify it with your bank and submit it to the ESG before you request for any claim.

If maybe you’ve applied for multiple claims, one GIRO that addresses your initial claim is sufficient to process several claims. Furthermore, you’ll never account for resubmission of a GIRO form only if you’ve decided to change your company’s account details.

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