Korean Mistakes you didn’t Know you are Making

While learning Korean, there are certain mistakes that most people tend to make. However, if you know these mistakes ahead of time, then you will for sure be a few steps ahead of  the game. And you will also learn the Korean language without a hassle.

In addition, when you avoid the mistakes most people make while learning Korean you look much cooler when you talk like a fluent Korean speaker in a short period of time. Keep reading to find out some of the mistakes people make with their online learning Korean expedition.

Old School to New School

Knowing when to use the correct word is one challenging part of learning Korean. For instance, maybe you want to learn the correct pronunciation for wine in Korean. Some Koreans call wine  podoju while others say wain. Therefore, this becomes difficult for learners to figure out which word is correct and they should follow. Actually, the best word for learners to use is wain as there is a big push to learn English here.

Some of the older Korean vocabulary is replaced with the English word sounded out in Korean. If you come across two choices for a word in Korean and none of them sounds like English, that’s indeed the best one to use. It might be recent and likely more commonly used. Yes, it’s not a hard and fast rule but also a good guideline to use to keep your Korean flow smoothly.

Making Peace with the Irregular                                         

Some irregular pronunciation words sometimes make life so difficult. Another violator in Korean language is gachi which means together. When you pronounce this word according to the rule of Hangul it should sound like ka-tee. However, the correct pronunciation should be gachi.

So, lets link up an association to help commit this to your memory, actually gachi means together. If maybe you need to go somewhere with your friend , first you will want to catch the person. Therefore, ka-chee sounds similar to catchy and for you to learn Korean with hassle free you will also need to catch the language.


Old school to new school and making peace with the irregular are just some of the things you have to integrate into your online learning Korean expedition and you will find yourself talking more like a native speaker every day. Plus, you will also commit less of the mistakes most Korean learners make.

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