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What You Should Know about Productivity Solutions Grant

The productivity solutions grant Singapore is a government grant that is offered to companies in Singapore to help them improve their productivity. This grant can be used to cover the costs of implementing productivity solutions such as new softwares or consultancy services.

This productivity solution grant is launched in 2018 by the government of Singapore. The approved businesses can avail the benefits of the productivity solutions grant from 1st April. The government has planned to provide support to over 100,000 companies in just a span of four years. Therefore, it is the best time to apply and take advantage of the productivity solutions grant Singapore. However, companies need to select from the pre-approved vendor to leverage the solutions. We will look at the reasons why companies looking for digitalization should select MediaOne marketing.

Reasons why MediaOne marketing is the best PSG approved agency

●       Vast Experience

Once a wise man said that nobody can defeat experience, Well, that’s true. MediaOne Marketing is a digital marketing company with decades of quality experience around the corner. Not only that but they are one of the leading company on the PSG grant approved vendor list. Their client list includes some of the biggest companies that are once just SMEs. Therefore, it is ideal to select MediaOne marketing on the PSG grant portal.

●       Affordable even after up to 70% funding

Singapore is without a doubt, a corporate hub. And government initiatives such as digital grant Singapore only help businesses to elevate. These grants help businesses to avail up to 70% of the funding and need to pay only 30% of the amount. However, this 30% could be very much for a small business with low cash flow. Therefore, MediaOne marketing has placed its price in a segment that every small business can afford.

●       Expertise in multiple sub-parts

MediaOne marketing is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Therefore, they have expertise in multiple sub-parts of digital marketing such as they are qualified and experienced in ,multiple domains of digital marketing such as SEO and Branding, just a name of few.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for a productivity solution grant in Singapore? Well, you have come to the right place. MediaOne marketing is undoubtedly one of the best Digital marketing agency in Singapore for your productivity grant Singapore benefits. You can visit the MediaOne marketing website to know more about PSG grant.

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