Should You Use ETL Tools For Data Migration Process?

Data migration is the process of extracting data from one system and loading it into another. Actually, sometimes there are few transformations involved. It involves the actual data movement which is quite easier. Processes such as data discovery, cleansing as well as managing the process at scale are the problematic parts.

But there are automated ETL tools that make the entire data migration process hassle free. With that, it comes along with multiple benefits that makes the whole process easier. Here, we have compiled a list of benefits of using ETL tools for data migration process.

Automates Complex Processes

One of the great advantages of using ETL tools for data migration is that more time is saved and energy. This results in better delivery. Automation reduces the hassles of manual work and human error. You can also perform several data migration processes instantly with just a few clicks.

Hence, the whole process starting from a series of transformations to a full-scale automated mapping framework speed up. Using ETL tools also enables you to test the workflows more effectively and easily by taking into account the whole data set, not just a simple one.

Validate Data Before Migration

ETL tools provide an effective data quality check to cleanse the data before moving from one system to the other. Essential checks conforming to specific data rules like validating emails or phone number.

Flagging missing values, checking data are simple and fully customizable with built-in components. Discard the unnecessary part of the data in the data migration process. This not only reduces the storage costs, but also improves the overall quality and accelerates data processing speed.

Final Thoughts

ETL tools have also been developed enough to handle large data efficiently. The structure imposed by an ETL platform makes it easier for developer to build an enhanced system. Hence, the overall performance during data migration process is improved.

Therefore, be sure to get yourself the best ETL tool that you can set even without coding experience. In addition, ensure it is pocket-friendly and also known in the market.

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