What You Need to Know about the Productivity Solutions Grant

It is with no denying that many entrepreneurs are relentlessly looking for ways to boost productivity at the workplace. And there is nothing wrong with that since a more productive team allows for better work to be done in less time and the employee to leave on time. As workers feel in control of their workload, it reduces burnout and also improves their well being.

No wonder productivity hacks remain a perennial topic. So if you’re planning to enhance productivity for your organization, you should consider applying for the Productivity Solutions Grant. With that said, here is a guide to understanding the PSG Digital Marketing grant.

What Is the Productivity Solutions Grant?

Generally, businesses can apply for pre-scoped IT solutions, Pre-scoped equipment and pre-scoped consultancy when they want to set up digital marketing infrastructure. The PSG grant has sector-specific solutions within each of the three areas including for retail, food, logistics and construction. It also covers solutions for customer management, data analytics, financial management and inventory tracking.

Keep in mind SMEs can only apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant if they fulfill some criteria. For a company to apply for the PSG grant and use it to generate traffic and sales quickly, it has to be registered and operating in Singapore, Subscription of IT solutions or equipment to be used in Singapore. For selected solutions, the organizations should also have a minimum of 30% local shareholding.

Applying for the PSG Grant

Companies can apply for the PSG grant via the Business Grants Portal. Here, you can apply and manage all your other business grants too. To login to the portal, you’ll need to have a Corp-pass account used for corporate transactions on Government digital services. Once you have the account in place, you should figure out the solution that best suits your business.

After you choose your preferred solution, you can then contact the vendor for a quote. This can probably apply for both IT solutions and equipment, and at this stage you need not to purchase the solution yet.

To have an easy ride while leveraging the PSG grant, why not get in touch with MediaOne. After all, PSG digital marketing is a specialty of MediaOne and will train you to become self-sufficient. Better, they can get you a boost in rankings in almost no time. Contact them today to know what they have in store for your business.

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