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What To Look For In A Toner

With the wide selection available today, toners can be used for variety of skin care routine. Whether you have oily or acne prone skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin, a toner will work best for you. Toners are applied to the skin after washing your face, and they can provide numerous benefits, depending on the type of toner that you use and the ingredients it contains.

But before buying a toner, you need to be careful since toners are made of different ingredients. In this article, we have compiled some of the major ingredients you should look for in a toner.

Salilyc acid

Salilyc acid is a beta-hydroxyl acid, which means it is lipid, or oil soluble. It breaks through oil barriers and penetrates the pores deep into the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. This helps reduce excess oil in your skin, which can help get rid of acne.

Salilyc acid also acts as a chemical exfoliator which means that it can help slough off dry, dead skin, this can prevent pores from becoming clogged which can reduce the frequency of breakouts. Research shows that this ingredient is effective and safe for the treatment of acne.

Witch hazel

Witchhazel is a plant that is commonly used as an astringent, which means that it can tighten the pores and reduce redness and inflammation. This plant cleanses deep into the pores, preventing blackheads and acne. Another benefit of witch hazel is that it can remove excess oil from the skin, which may also help reduce acne, since oil can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Whichever your skin types, a toner that is made of this ingredient can be the best. This is because it suits any type of skin type. Therefore, anytime you visit a beauty retailer, ensure you check on this ingredients.

Bottom Line

To note real improvements in your skin, no matter what you are trying to combat, you must be attentive with your skin care routine. This includes your Kiehl’s toneruse. You want to prevent things before they happen, so you have to be really consistent with your product usage.

You should use same toner very day for the best results. If you aren’t experiencing any improvements from your skin ailments after consistent Kiehl’s calendula toner use, see your dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and a game plan to get your skin looking and feeling better.

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