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Tips For Hiring A Digital Marketer

Hiring a digitalmarketer can be a huge investment, but it’sworth it if you find one that drives results for your business and improves your weaknesses. However, there are many digital marketers rising from time to time. That means you have to take a toll of your time to ensure you invest on the right marketer.

Remember, digital marketing is a fast changing industry. Many people will put up their hand as a digital marketer, but may be learning as they go or using outdated methods. Whetheryou’re hiring someone internally or a contractor to help, follow these tips so you can make the right choice.

AuditTheir LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is one of the social platforms you should analyse with a lot of care because it is where digital marketers show their experience. The good thing about this platform is that you can get a look at that person’s connection. This will help you see what kind of connection your prospective digital marketer has built throughout their career.

Are they growing a network of business minded people in the digital space that will challenge them to improve and reflect well on your business? To see their network, connect with them on LinkedIn then navigate to their page. Take note on the kind of networks you note on their platform. It will be a clear indication of what you expect. It is then that you can tell if they meet the required skills and qualifications.

AskFor Case Studies And Testimonials

Visit the digital marketer’swebsite if they have one and see if there is a case study. If they are proud of the work they did before, then there should be one. If they don’t have one, ask them to send over case studies and testimonials. Any digital marketer worth your time or money should be able to show you some clear results and recommendations from professionals.

Go over the case studies and analyse their overall results and familiarity with Google Analytics. Do they articulate real business outcomes or are they a bit fluffy? If you want to get someone who can drive traffic to your website, look for case studies where they helped other business get more customers.


Hiring a digital marketer could be just the thing you need to help your business grow. Pick the right one, and you will get the results you longed for. Remember, tracking the team’s progress is also vital. The good news is you can learn more about finding the right digital marketer online hassle-free.

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